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Amplified Ponytail
Sheer Lacquer Sheer Lacquer
Volume Maker Volume Maker

Amplified Ponytail on Long Hair

  • 1. Complete Volumized Blowout on Long Hair with Fiber Lift.
  • 2. On dry hair, brush back to create a flat, smooth surface. Create a deep side parting.
  • 3. Leave out a 2" section along hairline on shallow side of the parting and clip away. Pull the remaining hair into a low, tight ponytail at occipital and secure with an elastic.
  • 4. Hold the 2" section and braid tightly up to elastic. Spray with Sheer Lacquer as you go for a smooth finish.
  • 5. Apply and brush in a generous amount of Volume Maker through lengths. Elevate the ponytail and use a paddle brush to tease a base into the pony with a C-motion. Be sure to pull down each layer as you brush to create fullness throughout entire section. The ponytail should be expanded and volumized throughout. Spray with Sheer Lacquer to finish.