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Faux Bob
Sheer Lacquer Sheer Lacquer
Fiber Lift Fiber Lift
Volume Maker Volume Maker

Faux Bob on Long Hair

  • 1. Complete Volumized Blowout on Long Hair with Fiber Lift.
  • 2. On dry hair, section the nape at occipital and clip top section out of the way.
  • 3. Create a horizontal French braid within nape section. Starting one side, turn the braid to make a V-shape. Braid through ends and pin compactly to create a base for pinning.
  • 4. Apply a generous amount of Volume Maker to top section from roots to ends. Create a deep side part. In the front section of the hairline, use a 1" iron and curl the parting diagonally forward towards the face. Only curl the hairline section. Clip each section to cool.
  • 5. In the back, create a parting down the center. Lightly lace starting in the top working down to create volume and width for the bob shape. Cross the sections in back. Roll ends up and secure to braid. In front, release curls and brush out the setted sections. Brush end up with finger to create texture and pin stray ends into the braid to form a bob. Shape front and finish with Sheer Lacquer.