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Texturized Updo
Sheer Lacquer Sheer Lacquer
Volume Maker Volume Maker

Texturized Up-Do by Daven Mayeda

  • 1. On dry hair, apply Volume Maker on your roots to add texture to your hair. Make sure to lift up sub-sections to get into the roots of hair.
  • 2. Once you've powered your entire head, tease your whole head section by section. Stylist Tip: Always tease your hair from the middle of your hair strand downward to help prevent knots and breakage.
  • 3. Section your bangs out of the way to create a fringe and secure the rest of your hair in a low ponytail with an elastic band.
  • 4. Sub-section your hair from the ponytail into 1 inch sections and give them a little tease to add lots of volume and texture.
  • 5. Twist your ponytail into a loose messy bun and pin it into place.
  • 6. Let your fringe down and finger comb it back off of your face. Give it a twist and pin it around your crown.
  • 7. Grab the ends of your bangs and twist it into a pin curl. Use a bobby pin to pin it into place. The messier the better!
  • 8. Twist the ends into a pin curl and let the ends fall out.
  • 9. Spray Sheer Lacquer to set the style with flexible hold.