Deeply, yet gently cleanse your hair for natural movement & radiant shine.

Re-discover shu uemura’s iconic cleansing oil shampoo now in a new size, because size matters.

Launched in 2011, the cleansing oil shampoo builds its legacy upon the mythical make-up cleanser of Mr. Shu Uemura.

Loved by hairdressers & craved by consumers, the cleansing oil shampoo became an icon.

NOW available in a size, because size matters.

retail price: $36

for all hair types

cleansing oil shampoo
gentle radiance cleanser for all hair types infused with onsen inspired ferment

A daily use shampoo combined with a high concentration of oils. Providing deep yet gentle cleansing of scalp and hair bringing softness and lightness.

retail price: $57

for dry scalp and hair

cleansing oil shampoo
moisture balancing cleanser for dry scalp and hair infused with neroli essential oil

Deeply purifies while offering the perfect dose of moisture evenly and delicately. Scalp is left hydrated and softened, hair is light and supple to the touch.

retail price: $57

precious ingredients

onsen inspired ferment
For centuries, onsen, hot mineral spring water baths, have been the ultimate location for relaxation and serenity in Japan. Bringing together a unique combination of ingredients, they are renowned for their ancestral benefits on mind & body.

Onsen are known in Japan for having purifying, cleaning and shining virtues.

neroli essential oil
Well-known for its great relaxing effect on the body & mind, neroli essential oil has a wonderful rejuvenating & regenerative effect on the hair & the scalp.

It makes the skin smooth, free from infections and adds a glamorous glow. It also helps to maintain the right moisture and oil balance in the hair & the scalp.