how to get a textured mohawk braid video tutorial

how to make a textured mohawk braid

We heard the pleas. Now you can pull off that do-you-dare mohawk braid with ease. The trick? There is no braiding required. All it takes are some ponies and Texture Wave dry texturizing spray—your new go-to for expanding the hair with ease.

Watch the video above or follow our step-by-steps to master the textured mohawk braid.


textured mohawk braid step 1
Step 1: Section off a one-inch section of hair at the hairline and pull into a ponytail slightly off-center.
textured mohawk braid step 2
Step 2: Create a ponytail in equal density right behind the first ponytail.
textured mohawk braid step 3
Step 3: Split the first ponytail into two equal parts. Pull the second ponytail through the center of the first ponytail and clip to the side.
textured mohawk braid step 4
Step 4: Create a third ponytail, incorporating the hair from the first pony. As you did in step 3, split the second ponytail in half and pull the third ponytail through the center. Continue down your head, holding with an elastic at the bottom of the mohawk braid.
textured mohawk braid step 5
Step 5: Spray texture wave throughout the braid from the hairline to the ends.
textured mohawk braid step 6
Step 6: Expand each section with your fingertips to expand. Spray the mohawk braid with sheer lacquer throughout to hold.