how to get a main teased ponytail video tutorial

how to make a teased ponytail

The most fun part about this look? Contrasting textures. Play up at home with sleek, but soft, strands from the base of the hair using Kengo Feather. Tease remaining strands for a full textural pony.

Always finish with Sheer Lacquer for all-day, touchable hold.


main teased ponytail step 1
Step 1: Apply a dime-sized amount of kengo feather to your palm and emulsify.
main teased ponytail step 2
Step 2: Apply product from your hairline to the nape of the neck. Keep in place with an elastic.
main teased ponytail step 3
Step 3: Taking a one-inch section of hair in the ponytail, create spiral curls using a ¾-inch curling iron. Curl the entire ponytail.
main teased ponytail step 4
Step 4: Tease the hair in the ponytail using a shu teasing brush.
main teased ponytail step 5
Step 5: Take a one-inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the elastic. Keep in place with a bobby pin.
main teased ponytail step 6
Step 6: Finish with sheer lacquer on the ponytail to keep the teased hair in place and humidity-free.