messy side bun

Any girl knows there’s a difference between messy and intentional movement. Create that desired bedhead messy bun look by enhancing your natural wave…even if you don’t have it. Wonder Worker is your secret weapon. Finish with a veil of Sheer Lacquer for touchable hold and humidity resistance for an all-day messy bun with fluidity.

Watch the video above or follow our step-by-steps to pull off a messy side bun that lasts through anything.


Step 1: Spray wonder worker from mid-lengths to ends of the hair.
Step 2: Twist damp hair into one-inch sections.
Step 3: Apply a veil of sheer lacquer throughout strands. Rake fingers through for touchable hold.
Step 4: Leaving two inches of hair out above the ear, place remaining strands into a low side ponytail at the nape of the neck. Separate into two sections and twist in opposite directions. Tease upward to add natural texture if needed.
Step 5: Twist each section up to the hair elastic and casually pin, allowing pieces to fall naturally out of the messy bun.
Step 6: Release section of hair above the ear to frame the side of your face. Pin any remaining loose strands into the messy bun if needed. Finish with another layer of sheer lacquer for ultimate hold and humidity resistance.