Gallery Of Style Essential Stylers

The start to any winning gallery of style creation? These 6 can’t-live-without shu stylers that offer versatility and high-impact results. And you can get the same benefits for any street style look!

Kengo Feather
Tenacious Hold Cream
high control, lightweight finish
3.4FL.OZ / 100ML

Price: $39.00

Essence Absolue
Nourishing Protective Oil
#1 bestseller & multi-use elixir
1FL.OZ / 30ML - 5FL.OZ / 150ML

Price: $26.00 - $69.00

Ample Angora
Volumizing Mousse
high volume, extreme softness
4.6OZ / 132G

Price: $39.00

Texture Wave
Dry Texturizing Spray
buildable volume and waves
6.8OZ / 193G

Price: $39.00

Volume Maker
Invisible Texturizing Powder
all over texture, body and lift
0.07 OZ / 2G

Price: $48.00