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Shu Uemura Art of Hair Get Healthier Hair With Izumi Tonic

get healthier hair with izumi tonic

Deep dive into the secrets of izumi tonic, an unseen product infused with rice water to enjoy fully shinier, stronger, healthy hair.

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from a japanese
beauty secret

Deeply rooted in a powerful beauty japanese heritage, izumi — meaning fountain — tonic is a strengthening and energizing water inspired by yu-su-ru. This ancestral japanese beauty tradition consisted in bathing hair in rice water. More than a thousand years ago, in the heian period, this beauty secret allowed japanese women to keep their floor-length hair healthy and strong.

get healthier hair with izumi tonic

get healthier hair with izumi tonic

to an improved
ready-to-use hair care

Infused with the optimum dosage of rice water and ceramide, izumi tonic guarantees the right amount of active ingredients for best efficacy. Use it as a spray to instantly make hair 10 times stronger. Indulge in this new care to discover after 28 days, hair which feels smooth, silky and looks shiny & healthier. With its easy application and its quick absorption, izumi tonic is the ideal partner for hair weakened by 21st century fast-pathed way of life.

using powerful
& precious ingredients

Your hair deserve the best: high quality polished rice was sourced sustainably in Hyogo, Japan and infused in water to create the rice water. This precious rice is rich in amino acids, b & e vitamins as well as in minerals. It restores damaged cells and gives overall permeability, moisture and elasticity to your hair. By associating rice water benefits with the replenishing ceramide, izumi tonic unveils a unique care against anti-breakage that will make thrive your hair.

izumi tonic precious ingredients

izumi tonic sensorial experience

& offering a sensorial

As an advocate of holistic beauty, shu uemura art of hair conceived izumi tonic as a whole sensorial experience. It's an invitation to explore invigorating virtues through a sensual and dynamic scent. Combining tangy and delicate notes, from lemon to sandal wood, this fragrance embraces your hair with a soft strength: the perfect olfactive translation of izumi benefits and lightweight texture.

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