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how to smooth curly hair and eliminate frizz

Looking for the perfect curly hair routine for your naturally frizzy and curly hair? Curly haired men and curly haired women: develop your perfect step-by-step curly hair routine by consulting Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s expert tips for caring for frizzy hair and smoothing curly hair below:

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What is the best hair care routine for naturally curly hair?

Smoothing unwanted frizz and defining curly hair can be difficult without the proper hair care routine. Prepare the canvas of your hair with the new Ashita Supreme collection which intensely revitalizes hair and scalp with a modern and luxury solution with multi-benefits.

  • 95% less breakage*
  • 70% smoother**
  • 2x more shine***
*system of shampoo & conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo
**system of shampoo, treatment & serum vs. non-conditioning shampoo
***system of shampoo & conditioner vs. unwashed hair

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indulge in shu uemura hair care to reduce hair breakage

indulge in shu uemura hair care to reduce hair breakage

What is the best oil for your hair?

Smooth frizz and define natural curls by using a nourishing hair oil. Hair oils help lock in hydration for wavy, curly, or coiled hair textures. After conditioning and before styling, blot your hair dry with a soft towel and apply a pump of your favorite hair oil to the mid lengths and ends of your hair. Camellia Oil, found in Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil, is suitable for all hair types, helping soften, smooth, and nourish your hair while providing petal-light hair finish.

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your recommended routine:

How often should you be doing a hair mask for curly hair?

Maintaining your hair’s moisture levels and locking in hydration is key for taming frizz and caring for curly hair. Deep conditioning hair masks are a great step to add into your curly hair routine for added hydration treatments throughout the week. Similar to our ashita supreme shampoo and conditioner, our ashita supreme hair mask is anti-frizz and adds intense moisture, strength, shine, and smoothness due to the precious ingredient, ashitaba. Use ashita supreme Hair Mask 1-2 times per week in lieu of your regular conditioner for smoothed and softened hair.

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indulge in shu uemura hair care to reduce hair breakage

airdry vs. blowdry
tips for frizzy, curly hair

air dry

Smooth frizz naturally and without heat by air drying your curls. Start by blotting your hair with a soft towel after the shower to absorb excess water then immediately apply Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil to seal in moisture and condition to prevent frizz.

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blow dry

If you don’t have time to air dry, control frizz and define curls by using a diffuser to blow dry your hair. Using a diffuser attachment on an ionic blow dryer will help keep curls smooth and defined. Start by applying a curl mousse like Kaze Wave damp hair, then twist with your fingers to define curls before diffusing. Spray hair with Wata Wave texturizing spray to finish the look and lock in your style all day.


Texturizing sprays such as Wata Wave texturizing spray is great to use when styling curly hair. Wata Wave texturizing spray adds grit and hold to any shape and works beautiful for tousled textures.

how-to style naturally curly hair: defined
natural curls vs. smooth and straight:

indulge in shu uemura hair care to reduce hair breakage

defined natural curls

To embrace and define your natural curls, start by applying a curl mousse like Kaze Wave throughout the hair from roots to ends for extra hair volume. Then haigo (blend products) a coin-size amount of defining cream like Uzu Cotton with one pump of Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil. Mix the products together in your hand and define curls throughout the head for a defined, smooth, and shiny natural look.

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