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featured shu stylist: hannah nishimoto

Society Salon, Los Angeles, CA

Shu Uemura Hairdressers Instagram@h.nishimotohair

I have been behind the chair for over 10 years. Since I was young, I knew that I had to be a hair dresser and I am happy to say that 10 years later, I am just as inspired and creative than ever. I get inspired by watching my clients grow into who they are and as that happens their hair also changes and grows into their personalities. It’s a beautiful thing! I absolutely love spreading knowledge and educating other artist and continue my own education!


Do you have a favorite go-to?

My go-to product is Shiki Worker blow dry serum because it works for ALL hair types, adding hydration & shine, detangling, and smoothing frizz. Perfect for easy air-dry looks or smooth blowouts.

When building body and volume in hair, is there a product combo that you love behind the chair or suggest to clients?

Tsuki Shape blow dry spray and Awa Volume volumizing hair mousse are the two products I love to haigo together. Tsuki Shape creates a bit of a gritty texture into the hair that’s not sticky but allows for more hold. I spray Tsuki Shape on the ends and then use Awa Volume on the roots for more volume and texture.

How do you determine which prep product to begin with?

I determine based on my client’s texture and their desired result. Sometimes I’m transforming their hair into a completely different texture or I am elevating the current texture they have. Shu allows these diverse levels.

Shu Uemura Tsuyu Sleek Blow Dry Oil

How do you think the precious ingredient story plays into speaking to products with clients?

The precious ingredient story really resonates with my clients. They love a romantic feel with the products they use. I think it’s also reassuring to them that the products are well thought out before they are created to truly perform their purpose.

What makes Shu so appealing to clients and stylists?

What makes Shu appealing to clients is that with any of the shampoos you can really tell the difference within the first wash. That is always so shocking to my clientele – they can really feel the difference in the health of their hair! When styling their hair, they love the diversity Shu allows them to have and they want every single styling product!

Which two products can you not live without? And why?

I absolutely cannot live without Wata Wave Texturizing Spray! This product is incredible useful for those relevant styles we create in the salon day to day. You can really enhance someone’s natural texture or a style you create for them. I also find that it’s not a heavy product and I use it very generously. I also cannot live without Shiki Worker Blow Dry Serum! Shiki Worker is the perfect prep product or or a great product to haigo with. It is life saver for my clients who are overdue for a cut but want to save some of their length. It definitely provides nourishment and hydration!

Shu Uemura Ishi Sculpt Sculpting Hair Paste

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