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featured shu stylist: tony robles

Atelier Salon, Orlando, FL

Shu Uemura Hairdressers Instagram@tony_robles_

Tony has been a hairstylist for 25 years, is a Shu artist, and owner of Atelier Salon and Atelier Maison Creative Studio in Orlando, Florida. Tony is inspired by the newer generation and their ability to process information through social media and in turn transform that into creative outlets they deliver daily with their clients. Tony is passionate about education. “There is no better feeling than helping a new stylist broaden their knowledge of an art form and for me to learn from everyone I meet.” Tony Robles.

Tony’s favorite Shu product is Wata Wave because it provides a flexible hold while giving texture and showcasing your individuality and creativity.


How do you determine which prep product to begin with?

I begin by analyzing the client’s hair and their desired overall look. This will help with determining if I use something for volume, texture, or sleekness for example.

How do you think the precious ingredient story plays into speaking to products with clients?

TKnowing that the ingredients are grown and harvested gives an extra incentive on letting the clients know how selective they are into what ingredient is put into each product. When certain ingredients aren’t harvested or produced then the product isn’t available which gives an exclusivity to the products. Each product leaves a healthy scalp which in develops healthy hair.

What makes Shu so appealing to clients and stylists?

The exclusivity of locations to purchase the products is a plus along with Shu being true to their ingredients and use. And it doesn’t hurt that clients love the scent of each product.

Which two products can you not live without? And why?

Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective hair oil and Shiki Worker blow dry serum are my two favorite products. The oil is very lightweight and nourishing along with providing shine, hydration, and UV protection. Shiki Worker is great blow dry primer for all hair types that detangles, tames frizz, and leaves the hair smooth and shiny.

Shu Uemura Ishi Sculpt Sculpting Hair Paste

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